Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just in case you were searching for ...

Library students at McGill University recently collected some of their favorite Library of Congress Subject Headings:

    Body snatching--Juvenile literature
    Boring--Addresses, essays, lectures
    Buttocks exercises (May Subdivide Geographically)
    Canned meat--Poetry
    Canons, fugues, etc. (Accordion ensemble)
    Clowns--Religious aspects--Christianity
    Cockroaches--Literary collections
    Coolidge, Calvin (1872-1933) --Wit and humor
    Eggs--Religious aspects
    Ethics in politics--Folklore
    Feet in the Bible
    Grudges (fishes)
    Hilton, Paris (1981- ) -- Addresses, essays, lectures
    Marijuana -- Cookery
    Odor control--Minnesota
    Spam (Trademark)--Poetry
    Spooning (Hugging)

The SFCC Library may not have books available on each of these topics.–GS


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